How We Pulled Off Last Year’s Paddock Club At The Abu Dhabi GP

The one thing that always weighs on an event manager’s mind is the possibility of giving an existing client a reason to call back after a project closes. Avoiding this means not only flawlessly executing an ongoing event, but also winning the client’s confidence and trust for future engagements.

The 2019 Etihad Paddock Club at the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi GP was one exciting event that set the bar on entertainment. Join us as we take you through a tour of an unforgettable experience.

Coveted venue

With unparalleled trackside views above team garages, gourmet cuisine and open bars, the Etihad Paddock Club is the pinnacle of Formula1 hospitality. A universally recognized venue, it is the premium ringside seats for all the track-side action. So, being invited to set up the Paddock Club for the Etihad Airways, was the highest form of client endorsement.

High expectations

However, when there is a premium event, there is a lot of pressure. Put under a spotlight of scrutiny, client expectations were ambitiously high, and the venue space was vast and empty. And, time was certainly not on our side. With five days to deliver a world-class setup, we had to turn a blank canvas to a luxurious venue that befitted the Formula 1 history of class and elegance. How was it to be done?

Delivering on promise

A company is nothing without its people, and at Mavenlabs, we are proud of our passionate, creative, and experienced teams who can deliver on any project to perfection. Despite the time constraints, our inhouse Mavens looked at international trends including the historical Monaco GP and were inspired to create an unforgettable visitor experience. The idea was to add to the venue’s existing vistas through an immersive aural, olfactory, and gustatory experience.

Décor and ambiance

So, how did we turn an empty room into a buzzing venue? Picture this: guests walking into an inviting space, dotted with stunning dining tables, bar counters, DJ area, photo booths, and an exclusive Etihad Airlines lounge, all custom made and purpose-built from scratch. Everything was top notch; fresh, comfortable, and welcoming. The design elements pushed boundaries to accentuate visuals through metallic accents in contrasting hues. The eye-catching yellow tree drew attention as a central visual point.  Fashioned and fitted at the location, the design elements drew inspiration from on-the-ground energy and pre-event buzz. In just five days, our design team experimented with new ideas and transformed a plain and simple event space into a breath-taking venue for both clients and guests.


Unforgettable experience

Yes, many companies promise deliverables, but how many can actually deliver? With such an exceptional venue and guest list of VVIPS and celebrities, the F1 experience transcends racing. Conscious of its importance, our idea was not to simply set up a space to gaze at the racing cars, but to make a venue that would be the icing on the cake of the actual event.

The ambiance and the strategically planned vantage viewpoints made for impressive and memorable spectacles. The light played with different styles and colour combinations, where the Etihad logo’s trademark gold, along with the yellow and green accents worked as the central theme. Quality was on full display, and indeed the Paddock Club was the best spot to celebrate the magnificent performances on the track.

Not to boast, but judging by the mood of our guests, the smiles written all over their faces, and their reluctance to leave after the party was over, the event was an overwhelming success. But don’t just take us at our word for it… ask them, as we continue to work on new projects together.

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