How To Host An Event?

Hosting is one of the critical phases of the event management cycle. Once you have planned, organized, and promoted the event, it is time for hosting. Usually, when you are done with the planning and organizing part of your event, your instinct will be to sit back and relax. Here’s a pro tip: save that for later because you’re the host of the event.

You’ve been through the stages of planning, organizing, and promoting your event, and now, hosting is your last chance to step up your game. You need to follow the practical tips elaborated for you in this blog.

This article aims to provide you with quick tips to host your event like a pro.

Hosting an event: Eight tips for you to follow!

Everyone wants to make a positive impact on the audience on the event day. That’s the key: making the event day experience impactful. Here are some useful guidelines for hosting an event, which you must follow, to make the day memorable for your guests:

1. Get the venue ready early

Since you’re the owner and host of the event, its success matters to you more than anyone else. You need to be there at the venue before anyone else gets there to prep the venue. Make sure each aspect of preparation takes place in front of your eyes.

All the preparation, including placement of furniture, venue decoration, IT, Audio, and video equipment setting and functionality checks, preparation stage, catering work, should initiate and take place on your watch. You must keep an eye on everything, including refreshment arrangements and catering. Also, keep a check on how caterers are setting out towards their work. Last but not least, see the security arrangements in detail to ensure the safety of your guests.

2. Take care of performers and speakers’ needs

If your event is expecting guest speakers and performers, catering to their needs is very important for you. You must have a prep list provided by these guests as to which equipment, props, and other requirements do you need to arrange for them.

As a host, take this chance to meet them in person before the event begins. Show your appreciation and make them feel that you are approachable so they can share their queries and concerns.

3. Streamline guest registration process

Make sure you have designated people to take care of the registration process. Registering new arrivals, ticket scanning, and serving welcoming drinks to guests. This is your first chance to make the guests appreciated their mere presence at the venue.

Ensure that the QR code scanners are put in place and are functioning properly. Adjust staffing according to the attendance as you tick off the people on the guest list.

4. Assist guests in navigation

When you arrive at a venue for the first time, you have a difficult time finding the main entrance and the right path to the seating arranged for you. Now put yourself in the shoes of your average guest. You must save them from this effort. Help guests navigate.

You need to incorporate signage for the main entrance, wardrobe, toilets, charging stations for gadgets and smartphones, rooms for workshops, food and beverage facilities, primary event locations, etc.

5. Encourage participants to engage

Hosting is all about hospitality. If your guest feels that your event is a bore, all the effort goes down the drain. So you need to make them feel engaged and interested in the event. You must encourage the participation of the attendees one way or the other. Your speakers can engage the audience by striking up a Q/A session.

If there are virtual participants as well, the participation is even more important. Go high-tech and make the most out of the opportunity to amass recognition for your brand.

6. Maintain social media presence

While event promotion is a pre-event stage, it shouldn’t stop on the event day. You need to make the most of your last chance to grab the attention of your target audience, even if they are not planning to attend. Use creative hashtags and seek collaboration with Instagram and Twitter sensations and influencers.

Make a photo booth. People will take pictures and post on their social media profiles. In this way, you will give them what they want, and in return, your event will be promoted among their friends and families.

7. Take feedback during the event

Everyone takes feedback once the event ended successfully. But nothing makes people feel wanted and appreciated for showing up, then being asked how they like the experience while they have it. They will express their excitement and appreciate being asked about it.

You can indulge with guests in small talk or ask the performers and speakers how they think the event could have been made better.

8. Be the last to leave

You were the first to arrive at the venue. It is important to be there for the host even before the event management professional is there. Having said that, make sure you have hired the best event and exhibition companies in Dubai to host a successful event. When they have done all things perfectly on your watch, do not think of leaving the event, until everything is wrapped up.

Say goodbye to all guests as they leave on their comfort. Appreciate all your staff when the guests have left. And, be the last to leave the event venue.

You can host an impeccable event too!

Hosting an event looks easy said than done. You need to make some considerations to plan everything properly for offering an enchanting experience. So, follow the tips for hosting an excellent event. Make sure you acquire professional services for it because making your guests feel special and welcomed is the alpha and omega of hosting an event. Ensure you don’t miss any step along the way!

To achieve this goal, you should put all efforts into getting done with the organizing tasks.

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